Sunday, September 30, 2007

Book Review: Generals at Rest

I'm not going to review the entire book but I highly recommend this text to anyone interested in Confederate generals. During the way 425 men held the post of Brig. General or better within the Confederacy and Richard & James Owen visited the gravesites of each one. The text includes pictures of every general and every gravesite. Short biographies are included but the most interesting thing about this book is the location of each officer. The only disappointing thing about the book is that every picture of the gravesites is black and white. It would have been better to use color but it does provide an good match with the generals pictures which are B & W.

Did you know that Confederate generals are buried in Mexico, New York City, Connecticut and California? Yes it is true. Major General CAmille Armand Jules Marie is the only Confederate general buried in Germany! Generals are also buried in New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well. So get this book from your library or purchase a copy from It is amazing and I highly recommend it. I am sorry that this blog is so short but I will write a longer blog later.

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