Monday, October 19, 2009

Little Round Top

I sat there alone on the storied crest, till the sun went down as it did before the misty hills, and the darkness crept up the slopes, till from all earthly sight I was buried as with those before. But oh, what radiant companionship was election around, what steadfast ranks of power, what bearing of heroic souls. Oh, the glory that beamed through those nights and days. Nobody will ever know it here!- I am sorry most of all for that.” May 1913

Gettysburg Super with too much time on his hands

The leader of one of this nation's most important national parks is too busy doing other things but his job

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gettysburg meets Vietnam

GETTYSBURG, ADAMS COUNTY - The moving Vietnam War Memorial Wall makes it's second last stop as part of a year long tour through the United States. The wall commonly known as the "Wall that Heals" has been traveling since 1996, and today made a stop at Gettysburg College. The wall lists 58,261 names of people who died in Vietnam, and now people in charge of the the wall said they are looking for photos of sericemen and women to add to the wall.

"The best part for us in in having the veterans come out and have that time to heal the wounds they received during the war," said the program manager of the wall, Dan Schenk.

The wall is now on it's way to Wisconsin, where it will end it's journey for the time being.

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