Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Lincoln book claims that Abe had a disease

Dr. John Sotos is self-publishing a book entitled The Physical Lincoln. Using eyewitness accounts, photographs and family history the author states that Abe had a rare disorder that would have taken his life even if he wasn't murdered. The disease is called MEN2B. The authors website is located here:
The syndrome is a form of cancer which is officially referred to as multiple endocrine neoplasia IIB. Check it out because this new infomation is very interesting. Lincolns body cannot be exhumed because of the way it was finally buried. However, there is enough of Lincoln's DNA available to conduct a test. For example, fragments of his brain are in the National Archives and some bloodstained items from April 14-15 1865 are also available. It would be fascinating if this could be proven. What will the impact on history be? That question is difficult to answer. Only time will tell but I will keep looking at this situation and post more in a future blog. You can also buy the book (when it becomes available) on the website.
Check out this part of the website for photos and other infomation:


Anonymous said...

Does this 'doctor' need money that bad that he had to write a nonsense book to embarass, one of our only great heros. Lincoln had no cancer, no thyroid problem, and the bump on his lip, was on one of the casts that copies were made. The casts I saw myslef with my own eyes, at Walter Reed National Museum of Health and Medicine, was normal. Is this 'doc' trying to get grant money or research money? Leave Abe alone, his incarntion may one day show up, and well, time will tell. Attack dead men who were assassinated saving the nation so folks could write stupid theories based on little real science. Do you have webbed feet?

Mike said...

I haven't read the book yet but my fiancee told me of it. I will acquire a copy as soon as I can. It is interesting but I doubt that he had an issue. Persoanlly, it is just another reason to publish something about Abraham Lincoln that is new.