Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lee on Longstreet

How did Lee feel about James Longstreet? There are many opinions but here is an section from am 1866 Lee letter that might shed some light on Lee's opinion of his "Old Warhorse"

"You must remember me very kindly to Mrs. Longstreet and all your children. I have not had an opportunity yet to return the compliment she paid me. I had, while in Richmond, a great many inquiries after you, and learned that you intended commencing business in New Orleans. If you become as good a merchant as you were a soldier, I shall be content. No one will then excel you, and no one can wish you more success and more happiness than I. My interest and affection for you will never cease, and my prayers are always offered for your prosperity."
Robert E. Lee, January 19, 1866.

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