Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who died last? The fate of the Lincoln Conspirators

What was the fate of these men? My biggest question is who died first? Who died last? Here is the accurate list.

1. John Wilkes Booth-->Booth went first, he died on April 26, 1865
2. George Atzerot, Mary Surratt, David Harold, Lewis Powell all went on July 7, 1865
3. Michael O'Laughle died on September 23, 1867 while serving his prison sentence.
4. Edmund Spangler died on February 7, 1865
5. Sam Mudd (Not proven to be directly involved in the Booth cnspiracy) died on Janurary 10, 1883
6. Sam Arnold died on September 21, 1906. He was one of only two conspirators to survive into the 20th Century.
7. John Surratt lived longer than any of the other conspirators. He died on April 21 1916.

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Mike Mudd said...

FYI Samuel Mudd was not a conspirator, although he was sentenced by a Guanatamo Bay style military tribunal to 20 years for obeying the hippocratic oath of a doctor by treating Wikes Booth. He served 3 years and was relesed for the work he did during a yellow fever outbreak and the President offerd him a pardon. He declined as he said he was not guilty. More tha 100 years later President Ford overturned the original sentence as it was flawed and wrong.

Mike said...


What you stated is fact and yes he was unjustly put in prison. However, he knew Booth prior and when he realized that the soldiers were hunting Booth he covered his own butt because he knew how it would look if he was found with the murderer of the president. Wisely he told Booth to leave.