Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee
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My next goal is to see Richmond and R.E. Lee

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Douglas said...

Nice blog.

Im not sure what your take is on Robert E Lee -- he is a relative of mine.

But I think if General Lee were alive today, he would be the first to say he should not be honored.

Honors should go to those who rise about their times, and this Lee did not do.

Not long after the war, he said publicly he would not have surrendered if he knew how the South would be "subjugated" after the war.

If he wants to learn what "subjugated" means -- have him watch his children sold, his labor stolen, his bravery punished.

The South was actually treated very well. They had none of their land siezed. None of the wealth that slaves created for them was given to slaves.

Doubtless there were cruelties perpertraded by some upon the South after the War -- power corrupts. The carpetbaggers were no exception.

But there were cruelties upon slaves too- and Lee said GOD ordained in his wisdom that slavery SHOULD be painful.

So General Lee sure could dish it out, but he was a crybaby when it came to taking it.

So he never rose about his immediate greed and self justifying behavior. Not many humans do.