Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Getting Right with Lee

I've studied Lee and Lincoln my whole life but fully understanding their character can be difficult. Here is an article entitled Getting Right with Robert E. Lee that I remember reading a few years back. This is an easy blog but I think my readers my enjoy this paper on R.E. Lee. It was written by Stephen Sears who is one of the best Civil War authors. Originally published in 1991 in American Heritage Magazine this article is a must read for any Civil War buff!!!!! And best of all its free!!!


Anonymous said...

I read the fine linked article, but as I read I wondered why Northerns after the war did not condemn Lee because he was a former United States Army officer who lead an army that caused more deaths of american citizens that any other person?

Mike said...

I agree with you. Many historians attribute it to the north embracing Lee becuase he publically asked southerners to give into Reconstruction, rebuild American and raise their children to do the same. This might account for some of the postive reaction to Lee in the North.