Saturday, January 12, 2008

An old Abe Lincoln Tall Tale

Everybody that is a Civil War buff knows that Abraham Lincoln loved to tell stories. As a boy, he was so talented at storytelling that people would gather around him to listen, laugh and enjoy his company. In 1861, during the infamous Trentaffair Lincoln told the following story to his cabinet.

"I remember when I was a lad, there were two fields behind our ouse separated by a fence. In each field there was a big bulldog, and those dogs spent the whole day racing up and down, snarling and yelping at each other through that fence. One day they both came at the same moment to a hole in it, big enough to let either of them through. Well, gentlemen, what do you think they did? They just turned tail and scamperer away as fast sa they could in opposite directions. Now England and America are like those bulldogs."

Great Stuff!

This story was taken from Lincoln on Leadership by Donald Phillips.

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