Saturday, February 9, 2008

Family Relations

Family relationships between generals has always fascinated me. Here is a listing of a few connections between men who served in the Civil War.

Union General George G. Meade, who defeated Lee at Gettysburg was the brother-in-law of Confederate General Henry A. Wise

Confederate General Thomas J. Jackson was the brother-in-law of Confederate General Daniel Harvey Hill

Confederate General Ambrose Powell Hill was the brother-in-law of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan. Before the war, Hill fought for the hand of Ellen Marcy but lost to Union General George B. McCellan

Union General Phillip St. Cooke was the father-in-law of Confederate General JEB Stuart. During General McCellan's 1862 Virginia Campaign, Stuart made a imfamous ride round McCellan's forces. In vain pursuit was Cooke, an old-line solider who swore alliegence to the Union. "He will regret it but once," Stuart said, "and that will be continuously." Cooke's nephew served with Stuart from 1861-1864 and wrote one of the greatest memoirs of cavalry officer in the Confederate army.


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