Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents Day

Here is a funny story I heard about William T. Sherman and Braxton Bragg. It also fits as a joke for Presidents Day. Before the war Sherman and Bragg were friends. Braxton helped get Sherman a job at the Lousina Military Institute prior to the firing on Fort Sumpter. Upon resigning his post at the Institute on Feb. 17 Sherman bide farewell to the men that his future army would battle against. The tearful farewell was followed by a tea party with Mrs. Braxton Bragg, Sherman and Bragg himself.

During the get together Bragg complianed that Confederate President Jefferson Davis did not put him in command of the new Confederate army. Davis went with Beauregard instead.

Mrs. Bragg remarked to Sherman "You know, my husband is not in favor with the new President."

To this Sherman replied "I didn't know that Bragg knew Mr. Lincoln."

Mrs. Bragg responded "I didn't mean your President, but our President."

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