Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Abraham Lincoln had a weird face

Many people remember Lincoln as the best President in American history. According to science and recent laser scans, Abraham Lincoln had unusual degree of facial asymmetry. What in the hell does that mean?? Basically, the left side of Lincolns face was smaller than the right. This issue is known as cranial facial microsomia. Yes I can't say that either!
This isn't the only ailments that historians have given to Lincoln. Many have said that he suffered from smallpox, depression and heart disease. Now lets get back to cranial facial microsomia. Lincoln's bony ridge over his left eye rounder and thinner than the right side, and set backward. This could have caused double vision and many his friends noticed that his left eye would move upward before his right. The cool thing about this study is that Lincoln allowed his face to be sculpted in 1860 and in 1865. So the people conducting this study have been able to use accurate measurements so this study can be viewed as accurate.
However, laser scans can tell us that one side of Lincoln's face was smaller than the other but it cannot tell us how this occured. Was Lincoln born with it? Lincoln was kicked in the head by a horse as a child so could this have been the cause? We may never know the answer but I will keep an eye on this and as soon as I hear more I will write another blog.

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