Friday, August 10, 2007

August 9th and August 10th

Today and yesterday were the anniversaries of two Civil War battles:
On August 9, 1862 the Battle of Ceder Mountain occurred. Union General Nathanial Banks was defeated by General Thomas J. Jackson during this pivotal battle of the Second Manassas (2nd Bull Run) campaign. During the battle the Federals gained an early advantage before a counterattack by General A.P. Hill succeeded in driving the Union forces back. This battle gave the initiative to Robert E. Lee and led to the defeat of General John Pope at Second Manassas.

On August 10, 1861 the Battle of Wilsons Creek occurred. This battle is the most famous Civil War battle that occurred in Missouri. The state was divided because some of its residents were loyal to the North or the South. During the battle Union general Nathaniel Lyons squared off against Confederate general Sterling Price. After fierce fighting the Northern army was defeated by the Confederates who could not follow up their victory due to the disorganization of their forces because of the battle. I will add this battle to my forgotten battles of the Civil War series as soon as possible. However, the results of this battle buoyed southern sympathizers in the state and gave control of southwestern Missouri to the Confederacy. The battle also resulted in the death of Brig. General Nathaniel Lyons who was a gifted officer with a lot of promise. Nearly 2,330 total casualites resulted from the Battle of Wilson's Creek. These include the dead, wounded and missing. The United States lost 1,235 men. The Confederate loss was significantly lower with 1,095 dead, wounded and missing.

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