Monday, August 27, 2007

Meade and Lee reunited at Appomattox Court House

After Lee's surrender at Appomattox there were many Union soldiers who requested to visit their former friends from the old army. Meade and Lee served together in the old army and were good friends. Both men led soldiers who fought and shot against each other from the Seven Days to Appomattox. After the surrender, Meade visited Lee at the final headquarters of the Army of Northern Virginia. The confersation was very coordial.

The former opposing commanders at Gettysburg ran into each other as Lee rode back to his tent. Bobby Lee asked "But what are you doing with all that grey in your beard?"

George Meade cheerfully stated "You have to answer for most of it."

This meeting represents how the war was a battle between gentlemen. So many of them knew each other, went to school with each other and served together in the United States Army. I always respected these two soldiers and it amazed me that they respected each other so much. Just looking at their brief conversation one can easily see that they respected one another. These were the men that fought each other during the wars climatic battle at Gettysburg and yet were able to joke with one another. It also shows that both men had a sense of humor despite the horrible loss that they faced from 1861-1865. Its great stuff which any Civil War buff should be aware of.

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