Monday, August 13, 2007

Civil War Medal of Honor Winners on Film

Andrews' Raiders who managed to steal a Confederate locomotive called The General are depicted in the film The Great Locomotive Chase (1956). Their goal was to disrupt the railroad between Atlanta and Chattannoga. The men were eventually captured, with some recieving the death penalty for spying. The men were the first recipients ever of the Medal of Honor awarded on March 25, 1863.

The real members of Andrews Raiders were:

ROSS, MARION A., Sergeant Major, 2d Ohio Infantry
PITTINGER, WILLIAM, Sergeant, Company G, 2d Ohio Infantry.
BENSINGER, WILLIAM, Private, Company G, 21st Ohio Infantry.
BUFFUM, ROBERT, Private, Company H, 21st Ohio Infantry.
KNIGHT, WILLIAM, Private, Company E, 21st Ohio Infantry
PARROTT, JACOB, Private, Company K, 33d Ohio Infantry

The actors who played the parts were:

Don Megowan (played Ross)
John Lupton (played Pittinger)
Harry Carey, Jr, (played Bensinger)
Eddie Firestone (played Buffum)
George Robotham (played Knight)
Claude Jarmin, Jr. (played Parrott

More infomation on Andrews Raiders can be found at:

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